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How do we stay physically active after injury?

Dr. Charlotte Baker

March 02, 2019
An interactive session led by Dr. Charlotte Baker

Dr. Charlotte Baker is an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Population Health Sciences in the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech. Dr. Baker has a BS in Health Promotion from Appalachian State University, a Master of Public Health (MPH; epidemiology) from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, and a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH; epidemiology concentration) from the University of Kentucky College of Public Health. Additionally, she holds the certification in public health (CPH) from the National Board of Public Health Examiners. Dr. Baker’s work focuses on data analytics questions in public health. Specifically, she focuses on improving the control and prevention of sports and recreation injuries among youth, increasing physical activity across the lifespan, and solving issues in hematology such as outcomes for athletes with sickle cell trait. Dr. Baker regularly works to increase the capacity of local and state health departments to perform data analytics and community/stakeholder outreach.

Every day we move our bodies. When we move our bodies, especially doing things like playing on the playground or jumping rope or playing soccer, we are being physically active which is a good thing. Sometimes we can get hurt when being physically active and that can keep us from being physically active again. Why is that? How we can encourage people to stay physically active for their whole life even if they have been hurt. We'll talk about the types of injuries that can happen to you, how we count them, and discover together some ways to help you stay active and healthy.

March 02, 2019 - Hands-On Exhibits