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Outreach Connections

2014.02.22. Kids' Tech University. "How do you see inside the human body?" - An interactive session led by Dr. Bradley Smith. Emil T. Hofman Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Director of the Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility.

2014.02.22. KTU. Bradley Smith.

Faculty Research Connections

We are interested in partnering with faculty and assisting them in fulfilling outreach sections of grant applications. Please contact Dr. Kristy Collins for more information.

Undergraduate/Graduate Student Research Connections
Scientists are routinely asked to explain findings from the lab to the general public. At KTU, we want to support undergraduates and graduate students in turning their research (or affiliated research) into a hands-on exhibit. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student and are interested in honing your presentation skills to create a research centric hands-on event we are interested in working with you! We understand that consumables cost money and are offering a grant award (in the size of $50 to $100 each) to students in support of their project. These awards will be used only towards supplies, that KTU leaders will purchase; no money will be exchanged or given directly to award recipients. You will be asked to meet with Dr. Kristy Collins to discuss your project (she has extensive experience with the KTU program and can offer assistance in designing projects and making connections; she is here to help!).