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2014.01.25. Kids' Tech University. "How can mathematics help us understand certain diseases of the eye?" - An interactive session led by Dr. Erika Camacho. MLK Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Summer co-director of the Mathematical & Theoretical Biology Institute (MTBI).


Kids’ Tech University is a semester-long event! Four sessions are held in the Winter/Spring timeframe, like a normal university semester. Each session is an all-day event that consists of an interactive morning session centered on answering a question about the world around us, a break for lunch, and an afternoon hands-on component featuring the Virginia Tech professors, students, clubs, and community. Kids can take part in the virtual labs and forum after the all-day event to continue to cultivate their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

COVID update for 2022- Normally, we strive to create a "university feel" that includes children attending an interactive session (lecture) with their peers in a university lecture hall. However, with the current worldwide pandemic (COVID-19) we will be hosting a virtual program utilizing zoom and mailed packets of materials for hands-on activities after the interactive session. Parents are welcome to watch the interactive session with their child and we ask that they assist their child with doing the hands-on activity. For the activity we are mailing home kits that will require minimal if any supplies from the home. Parents may be needed to assist with poking holes and handling sharp utensils. Undergraduates will be leading a group of kids/parents through the activity--all done virtually!

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