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2014.02.22. Kids' Tech University. "How do you see inside the human body?" - An interactive session led by Dr. Bradley Smith. Emil T. Hofman Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Director of the Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility.

2014.02.22. KTU. Bradley Smith.

The Kids' Tech University (KTU) program is different from other kids' programs because it puts real researchers in front of children to give exciting interactive sessions on those infamous "why" questions that have always intrigued children. The goal is to get them excited about science and technology through investigating a broad array of topics. Through the program, kids can envision themselves as scientists, the true explorers and adventurers of the 21st century.

Using a university setting and atmosphere to stimulate interest in science and technology disciplines, KTU will also help familiarize kids with a college setting. The participants will interact with undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and fellow participants. The curriculum will include interactive sessions and hands-on campus activities. The purpose of the interactive sessions is to capture the participants' attention for a given science, technology, engineering or mathematics subject, while the on-campus activities encourage kids to transform learning into doing.