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How Kids Can Take Over The World (or at least gain more control over it), using the Arduino

Thomas (Tweeks) Weeks

February 18, 2017
An interactive session led by Thomas (Tweeks) Weeks


Arduinos are very similar to the little electronic brains in your parent's dish washers, microwave ovens, and car dash boards. They're super easy to program and control to do really cool & fun stuff! Like most microcontrollers, the Arduino brain we're going to be looking at reads real world inputs like light sensors, sound & temperature probes, motion sensors and buttons.. and allows you to DO and change things in the physical world. You can control speakers, buzzers, lights, alarms, LCD displays and motors (like with robots).. or even send text messages or emails to your phone! What do YOU want to control in the real world? Come to this way cool lecture and find out how! :)

Tweeks (Thomas Weeks) holds a BS-EET / Telecom degree from Texas A&M, has been an Engineer at Rackspace Hosting for 17 years working with and teaching about Linux & Windows Internet technologies. Tweeks sits on the region's RBTC STEM and CyberSecurity committees and is very active in the NRV STEM education community. He uses Arduinos to everything from control robots, blink lights, to launching large high power rockets and monitor water problems in his basement. Tweeks is a big advocate of Linux, Open Source and Open Standards/Hardware systems, likes playing with high power rockets, electronics and loves teaching kids how to peek behind the curtain of modern technology.