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Why do we Care about Frogs’ Health?

Dr. Tyrone Hayes

March 26, 2011
An interactive session led by Dr. Tyrone Hayes

Professor of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley

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We live in a world full of chemicals. They’re used to preserve and flavor food, help plants grow, kill bugs and other pests, dye fabrics and clean our homes. Chemicals help us in many aspects of our everyday lives. While some chemicals are not harmful to us, our pets, or the Earth, some can actually hurt our environment if not used properly. Our program will explore the world of chemical pollution and the many ways chemicals can be both helpful and harmful. We will examine the impacts chemicals can have on people, animals. Where are these chemicals coming from? How have frog populations, other animals, and humans suffered? And what can be done to help the frogs and improve our own health?

March 2011 - Hands-On Exhibits
After the interactive session the students were escorted by their parents to have lunch and then to the hands-on portion of the event. There the students enjoyed the experience of interacting with various exhibits from the Virginia Tech community.

1) Biochemistry Club at Virginia Tech

2) "Entomology Tour" - Virginia Tech Department of Entomology

3) Virginia Career VIEW

4) "Plant Your Own Basil!" - The Horticulture Graduate Student Organization

5) "DNA Structure" - GenBioOrg

6) The Microbiology Club of Virginia Tech

7) "Surface Water Runoff" - Theta Tau

8) The New River Valley Master Gardener Association

9) "Polymer Bouncy Balls" - Alpha Chi Sigma, the Professional Chemistry Fraternity

10) The Environmental Student Organization

11) "Rainbow Eggs" - The Poultry Club

12) "Exploring Groundwater with Geology Club!"

13) America Water Resources Association Student Chapter at Virginia Tech (AWRA)

14) Aiden McHugh from the Center for Student Engagement and Community Partnerships Virginia Tech

15) SEEDS Blacksburg Nature Center

16) "Noise Pollution" - Andrea Boyette, Katelyn Melton, and Tara Meredith

17) "H20 Olympics!" - Soil and Water Conservation Society Department: Biological Systems Engineering (BSE) - Host: Lisa Janovsky (President of Virginia Tech Chapter)

18) Virginia Tech Lunabotics Team

19) "Our Role In Conservation: Building a Better Tomorrow" - Richlands High School T2H (Trees to Hug)

20) The Belden Lab from the Department of Biological Sciences

21) "Project Butterfly Wings" - WINGS, Winning Investigative Network for Great Science

22) The New River Valley Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists

23) Kathleen Jamison, Virginia 4-H