Current KTU Program

Current KTU Program

Our 2020 program features four Virginia Tech professors presenting interactive sessions. Morning sessions center around interactive presentations, followed by a break for lunch at one of Virginia Tech’s acclaimed dining facilities (lunch is included in the program). Afternoon sessions feature hands-on STEM activities to reinforce the experiential learning process.

2020 Program of Events

January 25, 2020
Is calling some a bird brain really an insult?
In this talk we will consider what humans and animals have in common and how studying animals ranging from sea slugs to chimpanzees helps us understand how learning and memory work in all creatures, even humans.

February 15, 2020
OUCH!!! Why does stuff hurt?
During this interactive session, we will discuss the reasons why the sensation of pain is actually beneficial, the neurobiological nuts and bolts of how we feel pain, and the current and future state of pain treatment.

February 29, 2020
Did you know that mosquitoes are super smart?
In this talk, we will show you how smart mosquitoes can be and what research is done in the Lahondére lab to help better understand their biology, physiology and ecology. 

March 28, 2020
The Real C.S.I.
Did you ever wonder, where those bags of evidence go after they leave the scene of the crime? A Forensic Scientist analyzes this evidence using state of the art techniques and equipment to assist in determining the identity of the substance, its source of origin or the potential identity of an individual who left the evidence behind.